TurboGen develops high-efficiency Turbine based CCHP (Combined Heat & Power) systems. Turbogen vision is to be a world leading provider of on-site green (net-zero) energy for microgrids. Turbogen systems outperform current offered solution’s in electric efficiency, low microgrid emissions peak shaving for utilities. Patented multi-fuel technology for hybrid/Multifuel Operations, Solar-Gas, Hydrogen-Gas, SOFC-Gas. Based on proprietary jet-propulsion turbine technology, we have designed a compact and modular system resulting in low installation and maintenance costs. Turbogen team consists of scientists and entrepreneurs with a passion for solving the biggest environmental challenge: reduce emission from buildings.

TG - 40

40 kW Multifuel Microturbine

Mechanical Specifications
Low Emissions: Nox< 10 ppmv (at 15% O2)
Direct Drive Alternator
CO2< 10 ppmv (at 15% O2)
Power- 40 kW
Dimensions: 925*2250*2400 mm
Electrical Starting
Weight: 600 KG
Oil and Air Cooled
Exhaust Gas Temperature- 250 C deg
Digital Power Controller (FADEC)
MTBO> 50,000 Hours
Net Output: kW
Elect. Power : 40
Heat: 68

TG - 120

250 kW Multifuel Microturbine