Decentralized Power Generation

On-site. On-demand.

A 40kW micro-generator designed for continuous work as the prime power generator for small buildings. Runs mostly on natural gas (NG) and/or biodiesel. Significantly high electric efficiency is achieved due to several patented technologies: Unique turbine cooling design which enables to work under higher temperature, Closed pressurized coolant system and specially designed recuperator.

An electric generator based on micro jet engine technology, the TG-250 provides 250 kW and a 3-phase power supply while running on either natural gas or diesel fuel. It is best suited for Midsized buildings such as office/multi-family buildings, hotels, and hospitals. The TG-250 is lightweight with a small footprint compared to equivalent units, making it perfect for rooftops and basements. Having only one moving part, it can run nonstop up to 50,000 hours between services. TG-250 is a low maintenance unit, requiring only periodical maintenance with minimal downtime.