on-site green energy generation

TurboGen develops high-efficiency multifuel CCHP systems with a vision to become a world leader of on-site green (net-zero) energy for buildings.

High efficiency- lightweight CCHP

Our CCHP systems outperform current solutions' electric efficiency, enabling fast ROI , lower building emissions and peak shaving for utilities. Based on proprietary jet-propulsion technology, compact and modular design results in low installation and maintenance costs. Our patented multi-fuel technology enables hybrid Operations: Solar-Gas, Hydrogen-Gas, SOFC-Gas.

CCHP Systems

Our Combined Cooling Heating and Power (CCHP) systems are based on proprietary jet-propulsion technology for On-site green energy. Best suited for office buildings, Multi-family residences, hospitals, hotels and nursing homes, these systems are both lightweight and reliable, providing up to 50,000 hours of continuous power between services.


Outperforms current solutions electric efficiency

Enabling fast ROI, lower building emissions and peak shaving for utilities

Compact, modular and lightweight design for low installation and maintenance costs

Patented multi-fuel technology for hybrid/Multifuel Operations

Short Meantime to repair

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