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TurboGen develops high-efficiency hybrid CCHP systems with a vision of becoming the world leading provider of on-site green (net-zero) energy for microgrids. Our systems outperform current solutions’ electric efficiency enabling fast ROI, lower microgrid emissions and peak shaving for utilities. Based on proprietary jet-propulsion technology, the compact and modular design results in low installation and maintenance costs. Our team consists of scientists and entrepreneurs’ with a passion for solving the biggest environmental challenge: reduce emission from buildings.


Immediate releases

Results of General Meeting held on November 15, 2022
The innovation authority has issued an approval for the development of a hydrogen-based micro-turbine, an approved budget of approx. NIS 9.9 million, the authority’s participation approx. 30%
The construction of the TG-40 system has been completed and the completion of the runs and experiments in the company laboratories. The company acts in order to run the system in an external site

from the press

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