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Another technological achievement for Turbogen, from the research results of the SWRI Institute, it appears that there is a possibility of operating the TG-40 system for compositions with up to 50% mixture of hydrogen and natural gas
Torbogen received approval and funding from the authority of innovation for approx. NIS 3 million The grant is for the development of a 40KW hybrid micro-turbine for the production of electricity, cold and heat - capable of working with a mixture of up to 100% hydrogen/bio-methane and/or natural gas
Turbogen is preparing for the installation of the system in New York; Turbogen works for running the system at an external site in Israel on the basis of natural gas, so as to implement the entirety of the systems capabilities for the production of electricity and heat
TurboGen signs an agreement for another strategic study, with the Technion in Haifa, on the use of hydrogen. The Technion will carry out a study for TurboGen for assessment of the combustion performance of the TG-40 combustion chamber, for various compositions of hydrogen and natural gas mixes
TurboGen signs a research agreement with SWRI, a research institute located in Texas, U.S.A. which engages in research on hydrogen usage
TurboGen is expanding its green energy business, and will work to develop a 24/7 hydrogen-based self-power-generation system