The TG-40 is lighter and more compact, fuel efficient, and cost-effective than any products currently on the market.

Test Bench TG-40

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  • Permanent magnet synchronous
  • Oil & air cooled
  • Direct drive
  • Connected to the grid through Bi-directional Power Converter

Low Emission

  • NOx <10 ppmv (@15% O2)
  • CO < 40 ppmv (@15% O2)

Exhaust Gas Temp: 232°C


High Electricity Production Efficiency (35%)
High Overall Efficiency – CHP (90%)
Low weight & volume
Long functional lifecycle
Easy maintenance
High efficiency in co-generation mode
Dual fuel (20 min down time for changing)

Qualities and advantages

Lower Production Costs

Smart design and cutting-edge architecture enable the production costs of the turbine and its auxiliaries to be significantly lower, compared to alternative CHP companies.

Extended Lifecycle

By implementing a proprietary new turbine cooling method, turbine life is extended to over 50,000 hours.

Clean Combustion

Lowered emissions due to clean combustion by utilizing an aerospace methodology, implemented for the first time in an industrial turbine

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