About TurboGen

TurboGen develops high-efficiency multifuel CCHP systems with a vision of becoming the world leading provider of on-site green (net-zero) energy for buildings. Our systems outperform current solutions' electric efficiency enabling fast ROI, lower building emissions and peak shaving for utilities. Based on proprietary jet-propulsion technology, the compact and modular design results in low installation and maintenance costs. Our team consists of scientists and entrepreneurs’ with a passion for solving the biggest environmental challenge : reduce emission from buildings.


Yaron Gilboa

  • 40 years experience leading Business, R&D and Operations.
  • Former VP Business Development Ashot Ashkelon
  • Former President and CEO US water filtration company
  • Israeli Naval Academy graduated (Submarine Officer & Chief Engineer)
  • BSc. mechanical engineering

Ori Beck
VP Engineering

  • Experienced mechanical engineer
  • Led professional engineering, development and integration teams
  • Head of the Propulsion Systems Engineering Department, Israel Navy
  • BSc. mechanical engineering

Professor David Lior

  • Professor of Aeronautical Engineering at the Technion
  • Decades of experience in operations, R&D & more
  • Previously served as the Managing Director of Carmo, Deputy Managing Director of Ashot Ashkelon & Technical Director of Beit Shemesh Engines

Dan Katz
Head of

  • Experienced in engineering, operations, QA biz dev
  • Managed >500 Employees & M$100/A Company in Israel & USA
  • Chairman & President of Manufacturing and Engineering Companies

Dr. Dror Yeger
VP Business Development

  • 15 Experienced in launching high-tech firms
  • Expertise in business modeling, strategic partnerships building and go-to market
  • MBA, Technion
  • PhD, Grenoble Ecole de Management

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